How to Use Themefinder

Themefinder allows you to identify common themes in Western classical music, Folksongs, and latin Motets of the sixteenth century.

To search the theme-finder database:

  1. Select an appropriate repertory
    This step is optional but it can help speed your search request and reduce the likelihood of spurious matches. Further information is available to help you in selecting an appropriate repertory.
  2. Select a search method
    This step is required. You may search according to any combination of pitch, interval, scale degree, gross contour or refined contour. Help about different search methods can be reached from the left window of Themefinder's Help function.
  3. Select a search location
    By default, Themefinder looks for matching patterns at the beginning of the theme. For example, if you search for a gross pitch contour of "up-down-up-up", Themefinder will return all themes that begin in this matter. But you may also want to search for occurrences of the pattern elsewhere in the themes. If you select anywhere in theme, themes will be shown no matter where the contour occurs. Click here for further information.